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SOM (SmallOrganic Molecules)

Small macro molecules are complex organic compounds with relatively low molecular weights.


Examples include hormones, lipids, steroids, vitamins, neurotransmitters, nucleotides, and antioxidants. They play vital roles in cellular functions, signaling, energy storage, and protection against oxidative damage.

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Biomacromolecule (BMM

Bio macro molecules, also known as biomolecules, are large organic compounds essential for life processes.


The 4 (Proteins, Nucleic Acids, Carbohydrates, Lipids) biomacromolecules bio macro molecules are essential for the proper functioning of cells and organisms. They interact with each other and participate in numerous biological processes, ensuring the survival and functioning of living systems.

Macrocycle (MCY)

A macrocycle (MCY) is a type of molecule characterized by a ring structure containing at least 8 to 20 or more atoms in the ring. It is larger than typical organic rings, such as cycloalkanes or aromatic rings, but smaller than macromolecules.

Macrocycles can be composed of a variety of atoms, including carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and other elements. They often exhibit unique properties and can be synthesized or found naturally in various chemical and biological systems.


Overall, macrocycles represent a distinct class of molecules with large ring structures that offer unique properties and applications across various scientific disciplines.

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